Club Justice Launching: organizations from ten countries have joined the Club.

Oct 28, 2021 Club Justice

The international access to justice club of innovators launched. During the launching event – the first online meeting –  participants have discussed what we should do as access to justice global community to solve public health and social problems caused by the COVID-19 pandemic

This virtual meeting aimed to bring together various government and non-governmental actors from all over the world. Organizations from Moldova, Albania, North Macedonia, Ukraine, Kenya, Poland, Mongolia, Kyrgyz Republic, and Argentina have already joined Club Justice to answer global challenges in the A2J 

The mission of the Club justice is to create a global dialogue of innovators in the A2J (access to justice). We unite to learn from each other, to find partners to develop, and implement our common ideas. Club Justice also seeks innovative initiatives to develop in the ideas incubator – Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program.

Often in designing solutions to social/legal problems on different levels national and local authorities, NGOs promise fast solutions. And the authorities in this approach are those who “know better” what exactly people need.  Our experience in KyivLEPP shows that actually the opposite way of developing solutions works better. KyivLEPP graduates from North Macedonia and Georgia shared their experience on implementing innovative solutions. 

Participants paid particular attention to  public health and social problems which arose as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Organizations shared experiences in developing and implementing relevant tech solutions, paralegals’ field work, importance of working with evidence based data for people-centered justice, experience of engaging pro bono lawyers in public health and social problems solving. Club members and guests highlighted a set of key points, small steps to bridge the justice gap :

  • ​​To use data and evidence to steer justice reform, the research itself, as practice shows, becomes an essential resource for fundraising for the implementation of its recommendations
  • to pay attention to building partnerships based on institutional leadership and participatory approach, to strengthen collaboration amongst a diverse range of actors across sectors
  • to unlock the transformative power of innovation, to open justice systems up to new actors and ideas.

As the next step, the participants decided to unite into working groups from a perspective of different areas (tech solutions, paralegals field work, pro bono lawyers engaging) and develop a further action plan for each of them. Stay tuned) 

You can join Club Justice after being a guest at our events, and only with the invitation from one of the Club’s member organizations. Each organization-participant is limited by 5 invitations for partner organizations per year. More information about innovations in access to justice is here:

The Club activities are supported by the International “Renaissance” Foundation

Oct 28, 2021 Club Justice
Club Justice

We bring together colleagues who work to improve access to justice in their countries. We unite to learn from each other, we want to answer global challenges in A2J sphere. We are looking for innovations and support ideas.

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