Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program 2021 – call for applications

Oct 17, 2021 KyivLEPP

Bring your ideas to Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (KyivLEPP) to solve the problem in the field of access to justice. 

KyivLEPP is the international educational course of Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice. 

The course uses design-thinking methodology, and is aimed to develop people-centred solutions in access to justice. 

WHO may participate?

  • paralegals, mediators, social workers
  • key communities representatives 
  • leaders of local communities, activists
  • state and non-state justice services providers, advocates, legal clinic students, teachers
  • representatives of Ministries, State Agencies
  • legal tech specialists (low / zero-level coding experience)

As KyivLEPP participants you will get tech and expert assistance to develop a practical solution to improve the quality of access to justice in your country / region / community. 

The team that successfully complete KyivLEPP-2021 will receive modest grants to develop and implement the solution of the chosen problem. 

KyivLEPP 2021 will be dedicated to the 

HOW to participate? 

The competition to take part in KyivLEPP includes such stages:

Stage 1 – application 
You representing your organization or initiative submit the team of your colleagues. The team should include at least 2 representatives of different sectors in access to justice. We are waiting for team applications till November 3, 2021

Stage 2 – online interview 
Before November 19, 2021 go through a team video interview via ZOOM with KyivLEPP experts. All representatives of your national team should take part in the interview. You will receive detailed instructions on how to pass a video interview, it is easy.

Learn the eligibility criteria 

Stage 3 – design-thinking course 
If the interview is successful, the team will be selected to participate in KyivLEPP design-thinking course. Five teams from different countries will be selected. The course will take place in ZOOM in the period from 6th to 20th December (5 days). 

WHAT`S next? 

National teams who successfully pass the crash test of their idea implementation prototypes on the 5th day of the design-thinking course will receive the modest grant support from KyivLEPP. They will be guided by the KyivLEPP expert to implement their innovative solutions in their countries.
Learn about solutions of KyivLEPP 2020

If you have a question, let us know via email: 

Gain insights and learn from practicing professionals and strategists! 


Oct 17, 2021 KyivLEPP
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