Communication platform for the legal clinics of Ukraine and Poland

Jul 12, 2021 Club Justice
The Association of Legal Clinics of Ukraine and the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation implemented a project to strengthen access to justice. The organizations have jointly developed an International Communication Platform for students, teachers and clients of legal clinics.

The Project has been supported by the KyivLEPP — the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program, an incubator of innovative ideas in the field of access to justice in Ukraine and the world.


Legal assistance to clients. Ukrainians living in Poland and Poles in Ukraine will be able to access legal aid regarding:

  • tax disputes
  • family disputes
  • crossing border issues, etc.

Experience exchange between students. They will be able to share experiences, practice under the guidance of curators of legal clinics.

Cooperation of clinics. Participants will be able to work together, share data, follow legal advice in real time. Teams will be able to share documents and assign tasks.

Language skills development. Participants will be able to improve their legal English and improve their speaking skills.
Ways of cooperation

Polish and Ukrainian legal clinics shall:

  • get access to general affairs;
  • will be able to exchange samples of documents, research resources;
  • will hold joint events,
  • will be able to share knowledge, etc.

“The the IT platform idea arose due to desire of legal clinics in Poland and Ukraine to reduce communication barriers, to create a basis for exchanging practical experience between students and teachers. We are confident that the launch of the platform will facilitate access to justice for the citizens of our countries,”commented Pavel Klimek (Legal Adviser, Civil Adviser, and Court Mediator)


Home. Home page, which contains a brief overview of the tasks of the platform and the KyivLEPP. There is also information about the team that worked on the Project.

Common cases and research. Joint cases of Ukrainian and Polish legal clinics. On this page you can work together on cases (without personal data using).

Clinics. Information about Ukrainian and Polish legal clinics. The page is created for acquaintance, communication, viewing cases, search of common interests, directions of work and contacts.

Directory. Page to track people who are registered on the platform.

Wiki. “Internal Wikipedia” of the platform. It includes the effective approaches and knowledge that should be retained for other legal clinics. You can add inspirational materials here.

Reading List. Space of interesting materials. This page can be filled with an unlimited number of resources that legal clinics find useful.

Event Calendar. Calendar of future events of legal clinics.

Research resources. These are various resources, databases and knowledge bases of different organizations and states. In particular, resources that assist in the work of a lawyer on a daily basis (court register, etc.).

How to run a clinic template. Page with templates for improving the work of the legal clinic that can be simply copied and used in the work (examples of templates of the legal clinic of the Ukrainian Catholic University).

“Creation of a joint communication platform will allow cooperating with legal clinics of Ukraine and Poland in real time: to hold joint training events, organize competitions, provide consultations and work together to resolve cases.”, – highlighted the Head of the Association of the Legal Clinics of Ukraine Yuliia Lomzhets.

Polish and Ukrainian legal clinics shall:

Rules for using the platform

The international platform is here

To register on the platform, you must create a Notion account.

How to create an account on Notion:

  1. Navigate to the link
  2. Insert your email and click on the Sign up button.
  3. Click on Continue with email. Notion has sent you a letter with a code, enter it in the field Sign up code.

Heading towards finish .

A few more steps.

  1. Press Create new account, provide your name and think up of a password.
  2. Choose the way of using: For myself (Free) or With my team.
  3. Congratulations, now you have a Notion account.

Some hints on using Notion:

Eng [Guide]

Ua [Recommendations]

The platform was developed within the framework of the Kyiv Legal Empowerment Practical Program (the KyivLEPP2020), implemented by the Ukrainian Access to Justice School of Practice with the expert and financial support of the Human Rights and Justice Program of the International Renaissance Foundation.

Jul 12, 2021 Club Justice